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If you have been looking out for face lifting options then fillers can be a bliss to you. It is a very effective treatment wherein you would be able to achieve that youthful look at a very affordable price. The fillers, as the name suggests, fill hollow lines and wrinkles and the effect lasts for somewhere around 4 months to a year. Unlike the BOTOX which controls the relaxation of muscles, fillers fill up the lines so that your skin can become smoother and wrinkle-free.

Where are fillers used?

Fillers are basically a gel like substance that is injected deep down into the skin. The result that you would get from fillers depend on the dept of the injection and its consistency.

Choosing the right filler

As we know, fillers are basically a gel like substance that is injected deep down into the skin. The result that you would get from fillers depend on the dept of the injection and its consistency.

The ways of injecting the fillers also differentiates the results that we get out of it. The best fillers to depends on the region where it would be used. So consult a good cosmetic practitioner and they would help you to get the best results.

Difference between Fillers and Botox

Even though both of their purposes are same, but fillers and botox acts quite differently. Fillers are generally used to add volume and plump the skin whereas botox blocks the nerve signals temporarily in order to treat the fine lines.

Before you opt for a wrinkle filler, it is important that you suggest a good cosmetic practitioner. This is particularly important because not all fillers are appropriate for all types of wrinkles. If the wrong fillers are used in the wrong place, then that might cause several skin problems. This might include tiny permanent bumps on the skin, discoloration, etc.

It is important to note that applying fillers would not stop your skin from aging. The fillers are basically a temporary solution that would improve the texture of your skin for a few months. So if you wish to continue looking flawless using a filler, then you would have to visit the cosmetic physician once or twice a year.

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Some of the immediate benefits of fillers would be:

  • They are readily available and can be injected easily

  • There is no risk of allergic reactions

  • You would not need to undergo any sensitivity test before the treatment


Some problems associated with this treatment would include:

  • The effects are temporary

  • The procedure is bit expensive

  • Can be done by experts only