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The All-on-4 dental implant procedure replaces all the teeth in your mouth with the help of 4 or 6 dental implants only. This procedure is an advanced dental implant technology that has been helping many people who have lost their teeth. In a recent study, it has been seen that tooth loss is an extremely common problem among adults these days. Thus this method is becoming quite popular as people now do not have to live with uncomfortable dentures anymore. We have patients all over the United States coming to South Beach Dentistry for the All-on-4 procedure. If you are missing teeth and would like to have a new smile with one of the most prestigious cosmetic dentists in South Beach, then contact us, and we’ll be able to help you!

What are Dental Implant?

The best thing about dental implants is that, once you do it, you would not have to think about replacing it. With the practice of good dental hygiene, you can sustain the implant for many years.

Dental implants refer to a titanium post which is positioned surgically beneath the gum line into the jawbone, which enables the dentist to mount a bridge or replacement teeth in the given area. For getting a dental implant, you would need to have healthy jawbones and gums so that they can support the post. You would need a minor surgery to do the implant.

But before you think about dental implants, it would be a good idea to consult your dentist. Not every mouth is capable of undertaking a dental implant. If you have weak gums or lesser jawbones, then dental implants would be a challenge for you. In those cases, some pre-dental treatments are needed to be done and post that, if the dentist finds your jawbone and gum to be suitable, then only you would be able to undergo a dental implant.

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At South Beach Dentistry, we take pride in personalizing your treatment plan. Our dentists are highly experienced in the field of dentistry, and we know each patient is unique. Our office has a relaxing and comfortable environment because we want you to feel at home

Whatever your financial situation, you can have the dental care you need in a manner you can afford. Our team is happy to help maximize your dental benefits. We accept most major dental plans and will contact your provider on your behalf to help confirm your coverage. If you are without dental coverage, we provide flexible options for payment

For your convenience, we offer flexible hours for scheduling your appointments. If you have a dental emergency outside of our operating hours, please request an appointment  as soon as possible. We will ensure you receive the dental treatment you need in a timely manner. Patient’s experience is everything for us. Please watch our video so you can see it for yourself.

All on 4 ® Procedure

To understand if this dental procedure is meant for you, you should understand the whole process in detail. We know that it is scary for you to get the implants for the first time. Do not worry, talk to your dentist about all your doubts and they would clear it out for you. The steps followed in this procedure would be:

  • You would be given local or general anesthesia as per you comfort level

  • Next your teeth would be prepared for the implants. This would involve removing infected teeth and/or tissues.

  • Then the implantation process would began, which means titanium screws would be inserted in your jawbones.

  • Once done, the dentist would clean the surgical site and you would be taken to the recovery room.

Why Should I Get All on 4 ® Procedure?

There are many reasons why you should be getting an All on four procedure. Still, one of the most common reasons is because it is more affordable when it comes to implant surgery, and because most people that get this procedure done, they want a drastic change in their lives. Besides helping you ahieve better overall health, and mouth mobility, it helps your confidence and gives you a new smile for life.

  • Continuous bleeding

  • Swelling

  • Pain

  • Restricted Diet