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When it comes to a medical emergency, we do not consider that even dental emergencies could be a thing. However, if you are someone who has faced any oral problem, then you know that it can really take a toll on you. Dental problems are painful and not treating them at the correct time can also lead to loss of teeth. So if you are in pain then rather than waiting, you should consult your nearest dental clinic immediately.

There can be numerous reasons for the occurrence of dental emergencies. Some of that might include:

  • Gum abscesses- this is basically a pocket of pus that can develop on your gums. This is very painful and can lead to very serious conditions. In case you develop one, it is necessary to get immediate medical attention.
  • Pulpal abscesses- this also refers to formation of pus pockets around the teeth and can cause a lot of pain. Visit your dentist at the earliest to get the condition treated.

  • Swelling, bleeding- this is quite common and can occur due to infection or accidents. Nominal gum bleedings during brushing is common, however is not a condition to avoid. However, in case of excessive swelling or bleeding, seek medical help at earliest.

  • Pain on biting, mostly related to cracked tooth- Cracked tooth can cause a lot of problems and if not treated on time can lead to loss of tooth

  • broken teeth- this can occur due to accidents and should be treated on a priority basis

  • Inflammation around wisdom teeth- Wisdom teeth due to its nature can cause a lot of pain. Seeking emergency medical attention at the time of pain can be a great idea to keep away all the hassles related to it.

  • tooth trauma due to accidents- the impact of accidents on dental conditions can ve quite harsh and thus, you should consult your dentist to save your teeth.

The best way to protect yourself from dental emergencies is by staying updated with your dental hygiene and having regular rounds of check-ups.

This would help your dentist to identify any potential dental problem and they would be able to start curing it before it becomes really unbearable. We cannot avoid problems due to accidents but other oral problems can be avoided and no emergency situation would arise, if we visit our dentist at least twice a year.

Abscess and infection can cause severe pain in a tooth. Sports and other activities can lead to dental trauma. Whatever is causing your pain, we can help determinethe root cause and provide quick, thorough treatment to help ease your suffering. But before that you should know a few tricks that can help you to ease out the pain before you can come for our emergency services.

  • In case of tooth aches or cracked tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water. This would help you to ease out the pain. If you have swelling, you can do a cold compress.

  • In case you see a dental pulp, do not do anything or eat nothing, just rush to your dentist immediately.
  • If you have lost your permanent tooth and cannot put it back to its socket to fit, do not keep it inside your mouth as you would have the chance of swallowing it. Keep it in a cup of milk and consult the dentist right away.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, do not wait for regular office hours. Contact our office at (305) 532-6795 as soon as possible. Your smile is important to us.