Wisdom Tooth Extractions

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Dentist in Miami Beach

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Wisdom tooth can be very painful, irritating and can cause you a lot of trouble. Going to your dentist, if he suggests you remove your wisdom tooth then that would mean that they are referring you to a dental surgeon. Once the surgery is done, it would take a few days for you to heal.

Wisdom teeth are basically located at the back top and bottom corners of your mouth. The pain gets intensified when the teeth do not get room to grow. Extracting them with the help of oral surgeons would not only help you to get relief from the pain, but it would also help you to avoid many future dental complications.

How to know you have a wisdom tooth?

Generally, if you have wisdom tooth then it would pain a lot. Going to your dentist, they would suggest you to do an X-ray, which would reveal if you have a wisdom tooth or not. They usually come between the ages of 17 and 25 years. The wisdom tooth is present at the back of your mouth are generally trapped in the jawbones or gums and that is why they might cause you a lot of pain. They might also come out pressing other teeth which would cause irritation. And things would get worse if you have cavities or gum diseases.

What happens when you have wisdom teeth?

There are various problems that would occur to you if you have a wisdom tooth. Some of them has been listed below:

  • You would feel extreme pain at times.

  • Food particles and debris would get trapped behind the wisdom teeth.

  • Chances of getting a tooth decay is high when it comes to wisdom tooth.

  • Due to all the above problems, there are high chances that other nearby teeth or gum would get impacted by the effects of wisdom teeth.

  • Occurance of cyst. which is a fluid filled sac around the wisdom teeth.

  • You might find it challenging in case you wish to avail different types of orthodontic treatments.

  • High chances of getting different types of periodontal diseases.

What to do?

So before you go for the surgery, be sure to meet up with your dental surgeon in order to get some pre-surgery advice. Talk about all the oral health problems that you have and also tell them about your pain. Be sure to take all the medicines that they prescribe you. Do remember to take some days off post your surgery. This would ensure that you would have enough rest as the area would need some time to get healed.

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Post effects

There are some post effects of the surgery that might occur to you. Do not worry, your doctor would discuss all of these with you. In case you suffer any other problems, contact them immediately.

  • You can expect some oozing blood post the surgery

  • You might have to suffer a bit of pain post the extraction. You can expect a bit of relief by holding an ice pack against your jaw.

  • Ice packs would also help you with swelling and bruising that might occur post the surgery.

Things to remember

Your troubles would not go away totally if you do not follow these post-surgery tips.

  • Eat soft food in the first 24 hours. And in the next few days, eat semi-solid food. Do avoid hard, chewy and spicy food until the area gets healed properly.

  • For the first 24 hours, rinse your mouth with a good mouth wash. After that, brush gently and be careful around the wound area.

  • You should drink a lot of water. Try to avoid alcohol and other carbonated and caffeinated drinks for as long as you can. Do not drink any hot beverage for atleast 72 hours post the surgery.