Gingival Contouring

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Gingival Contouring

Gingival inflammation, commonly known as gums inflammation, is an oral condition wherein the gums become red and swollen. Ignoring this condition might lead to severe periodontal diseases like gingivitis, which, if remains untreated, might lead to loss of the tooth, altered teeth structure, and even cardiac problems. This is caused when the plaque gets hardened and deposits under the gum line.

Gingival Contouring refers to the removal of excess gum tissue so that more of the tooth crown could be exposed. The method would help to perfectly sculpt the gum line to create the right proportion of gum tissue to the tooth surface. This would help you to get just the perfect smile.

What are the advantages of Gingival Contouring?

The advantages of Gingival Contouring would include the following:

  • It would boost your self-esteem and you can flaunt your beautiful smile without being self-conscious.
  • If you are thinking about other dental cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening or dental bonding then Gingival Contouring can prove to be a great support for it.
  • Even though this procedure falls under cosmetic dentistry but the impact of the treatment is really great on your overall oral health.
  • The process of Gingival Countering is simple and advanced. Thus you would not need to worry about anything.
The Treatment

The treatment for Gingival inflammation would basically follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, your dentist would go for a professional dental cleaning, which would involve removing plaque, tartar, and other bacterial products from your teeth.
  • Next, if needed, the dentist would proceed with a dental restoration.
  • And finally, after all of these have been done, you must take care of your teeth. Maintain a daily schedule of good oral hygiene at home.

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Signs and Symptoms:

One cannot specify the symptoms of Gingivitis accurately, but it comes with classic signs of gum inflammation:


Some of the complications attached to this gum disease would be:

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