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Night Guards

Bruxism, also is known as grinding or clenching teeth, is a very common condition that affects multiple people around the world. If you are facing symptoms like tooth pain, a sore jaw, or headache, then the chances are that you are suffering from this disorder. Tell our dental staff to schedule you with Dr. Valls to see how we can help.

Various causes might lead to grinding teeth. Starting from poorly shaped teeth to depression, anxiety, excessive nicotine intake, drinking too much coffee, frequent use of alcohol, sleeping and breathing disorders, and much more.

What are the results of bruxism?

Teeth grinding, as the name suggests, is grinding and clenching your teeth. This mainly occurs at night with you being not aware of it.
Some of the consequences of teeth clenching would include:

Regular professional dental cleanings and exams are essential for maintaining a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

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The Treatment

There are different ways that your dentist can recommend following which you would be able to get rid of bruxism. One such way that can be recommended is the night guard. This is a small appliance that is worn as a guard before you go to sleep at night. Using this appliance is quite easy. All you would need to do is boil the appliance and then cool it for a few seconds. Once that is done, you can gently bite into it so that it would take up the shape of your teeth.

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Causes of Grinding

There can be several causes behind teeth grinding. The causes behind awake and sleep bruxism are quite different. But here we have listed some of the most common reasons that lie behind the occurrence of this condition. But do remember, some of these can be minor causes behind grinding and might not be the only factor.

Why grinding is so bad?

Grinding teeth is clenching your teeth without being aware of it. The main problem that occurs after grinding teeth is that it wears them away as the teeth are unable to handle the constant force. Apart from multiple dental problems, there is a higher risk of various health diseases from bruxism. This would include:

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